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Commercial Cleaning Kit

The Commercial Cleaning Kit is made up of the following: 14-inch cen-tec telescoping aluminum a-wing, a telescoping aluminum s-wing with plastic handle, and a thick , aluminum s-wing with steel cage along with vacuum tools. There is also a 14-inch cen-tec telescoping alloy vacuum head with steel shaft, rubber o-ring, and stainless steel spout. There is also an eight-foot extension rod with rubber o-ring and stainless steel hose. There are also a dust pan and brush.

Commercial Cleaning Kit

Most models feature the fast clean technology, which is easy to operate with its single lever actions. You simply flip the lever in order to conveniently clean dust pan, brushes, and the vacuum heads. For more convenience you’ll be able to incorporate the portable power mind. This device is powered with the car’s cigarette lighter plug. You won’t find a better dust pan than the Professional Series from Kenmore. It comes with a telescoping dust pan with readily removable cover.

Commercial Cleaning Kit

This cleaning kit includes the Kenmore Dual Action Power Fold. This machine is made up of a steamer/extractor unit and a static stand with an optional battery pack. As with other portable components, this unit has a patented fast clean technology. It can wash and extract hard water deposits and dirt quickly. The Kenmore Dual Action Power Fold features a wet bar that makes it simpler for you to pour the cleaning solution to the filter bag. This cleaning kit even has a three-year limited warranty.

Commercial Cleaning Kit

Along with the cleaning equipments explained above, Kenmore delivers other business cleaning systems. All these are SLS system, Commercial Automatic Dishwasher System, SEDUPS Plus, and also the Mobile Clean & Dry cleaning systems. Each has different features, but all of them are designed to perform the very same functions. Each cleaning kit was especially designed for particular applications in order for your cleaning requirements will be fulfilled safely and economically.

For industrial usage you will need the Kenmore Dry Vacuum System. This cleaning system is designed for dry areas. It features powerful suction that can remove tough stains and grime without damaging your furniture or carpet. You may use this cleaning system to wash windows, grease, oil and wax. The Commercial Automatic Dishwasher System is intended for restaurants and commercial kitchen areas in which the dishes get washed on a regular basis.

The Kenmore vacuum cleaner lineup has some additional features you may discover useful. A few of them contain automatic dusting, a self-cleaning sensor, and also a wet/dry collector bag. There’s also the Super Multi Ultra Wash which will wash your windows times without drying them out. Some of those other cleaning kits from Kenmore include the Portable Power Washing, Automatic Washing, Auto Detailing System, and the Portable Power Washing Station.

There’s a variety of cleaning methods available to meet your requirements and budget. Regardless of what the type of cleaning you are doing you can be certain that you will get the appropriate system to suit you and your cleaning needs. Whichever system you decide to choose, you’ll have a number of options available to you. In case you have never used a cleaning system before you will want to have a while to learn how each one works and what the best features are for every system. The cleaning industry is vast and any corporation can usually find a kind of cleaning system which suits their needs.

If you need a commercial cleaning kit, then you can be certain that there will be something that will work for you. Kenmore is a superb brand that is able to help you wash your offices or home in a way that you never thought possible. Whatever you do, you won’t go wrong once you utilize a Kenmore cleaning kit. They will get the work done and leave your office or house looking great.